Alina + Martin

Fiona and Bobby ROCK!


We chose them as our wedding photographers because of their amazing portfolio, and we were blown away by how fun, friendly and most of all professional they were to work with. They knew exactly how they wanted us in the structured shots, and managed to capture the most awesome candid shots without us even knowing they were shooting away. Bobby's crowd control skills are second to none- a valuable skill to have at a wedding when everyone has had a few drinks!

We knew that Fiona + Bobby would do a good job when we hired them, but we were blown away by how easy they were to work with on the day, and the photos that they took are even better than we expected. We couldn't be happier with our choice to have Fi + Bobby document our big day, and we couldn't recommend them highly enough.


Thank you guys, we love you!


-Alina + Martin

Matt + Tamara

Radiant. Positive. Committed. Professional. Creative souls. Fiercely kind. Damn talented.

These are just a few reasons why we will be forever grateful to Fi + Bobby for capturing our wedding day. From the first giggle-filled meeting to the last bear hug on our special day, they were on hand for all of our questions and comments - relevant or not!

I cannot tell you how many compliments we received from friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances who saw our photos. Our guests were thrilled with the candid shots and the love, endless laughter and happy tears is fixed in every frame. Plus, having this lovely couple on hand helped ease a few nervous nellies in front of the camera (us!).


If you’re looking for greatness, these two have got it in spades.

We adore you guys.

-Matt + Tamara

Maddy + Ben

Fiona + Bobby are by far one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. From our first Skype call, to our hugs goodbye at the end our wedding, we felt nothing but love and warmth for these two. Our engagement shoot consisted of so much laughter and fun. They made two awkward people feel so comfortable in front of the camera and we just purely enjoy ourselves!


Fiona and Bobby captured our wedding day beautifully. The first time we saw our pictures we both cried with happiness. It honestly felt like we were reliving the day again. How they captured people is just magical. Every emotion, laugh line and loved-up face was captured so beautifully - pure and honest reactions that we just love!!! Each photo is just so unique. Our portrait album is insanely beautiful and we smile so hard every time we look at them! We honestly cannot pick a favourite! We cannot thank you enough Fiona and Bobby for being so talented, being so kind and patient with us and for taking us on as clients. It felt like you two were just as excited for our wedding day as we were!!!!!


We cannot recommend them highly enough. They are the best wedding photographers we have ever seen and we feel like we have made lifelong friends.


-Ben + Maddy

Gabby + Lachy

Fi and Bobby are beyond amazing. Right from start to finish they were both very professional while also being super warm and friendly. They had great ideas and were so helpful in helping us navigate and organise everything.


The engagement shoot is such a great bonus, as it really helped us to get to know them and them get to know us, which made everything work so well on the big day. Their images are beyond anything I could have asked for. Cannot recommend them highly enough!


-Gabby + Lachy



Mandy + Terry

Fiona and Bobby are two of the coolest people you will ever meet. Besides oozing coolness and flair, they are also two of the warmest souls. Fi and Bobby are so keen to get to know both of you, and are genuinely interested in your story as not just a couple, but as people.


Whilst I have no qualms showing off in front of a lens, my husband was less enthusiastic about being photographed but they were so amazing at making him feel comfortable and relaxed, which you can see in every image they’ve taken of us. They know just how to bring people out of their shell and excel at capturing someone’s character through the lens.


As well as being amazing people and fantastic at their jobs, their images have such a signature look, yet they have such a diverse portfolio which really shows the depth and passion of their work (no cliché images, poses or standard shot lists here!). Each photoset is deeply unique and personal, no two weddings are shot the same when it comes to Fi and Bobby’s stellar work. I cannot recommend them enough, I need more fun life events just so they can come and capture them again!


-Mandy + Terry


P.S. They have a bitchin' tea collection.


Emma + Ryan

Fi and Bobby are the most incredible and insanely talented photographers that WE had the privilege of having at our wedding. The photos these two gave me reminded me of all the feels and emotions of the day, something I honestly wasn't expecting to feel from the photos. I half expected the photos to just remind me how the day went but these guys captured all the love, happiness, laughter, smiles, TEARS!!! - absolutely everything!!! All the photos have taken Ryan and I right back to the best day of our lives and there is nothing I could ever say to them to show how much that means to us.


The whole experience was so effortless and non-stressful. You don’t need anymore stress when planning the big day and Fi and Bobby were the easiest part of our whole experience! It was so easy and natural to work with them from the very beginning with the engagement session, all the emails and of course the big day!

I can’t wait to see what Fi and Bobby do next but whatever that may be - it will undoubtedly be spectacular.


I will forever have a soft spot for these two.


-Emma + Ryan

Carmen + Sunny

When we first met Fiona and Bobby, we instantly clicked and knew they were going to be the perfect duo to capture our special day. We loved that they genuinely spent the time to get to know us and our values. Making us feel super comfortable around them when it came time to take photos. The engagement session was honestly packed with so much fun and was one of the greatest experiences. We loved how they would push limits just to get some outstanding shots.


The imagery they captured holds a dear place in our hearts. We cannot thank the pair enough for their professionalism. They were so laid back, fun and kept us calm and sane through the crazy day. We highly recommend these two without a doubt! There is only positives, whether its themselves or their work. They have some serious skills and through their work you can see the passion they have for creating wonderful imagery, which lets us re-live our special day and constantly puts a big smile on our faces!


-Carmen + Sunny