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    We are Fiona + Bobby, a husband + wife Sydney wedding photography duo that see one another as their binary star.

    We set out on adventures in this great life, seeking the unknown. We look for the silence in the wild + the joy within the serene. We love a good cup of coffee, but more so with a dash of rosewater. We dance in the living room when no one else is around. I love David Bowie + he thinks Prince is immaculate. We wear bow ties + eat raw cacao. We have a fur-child called Poe, who ties everything together. But most of all, we cherish what we do because we capture the unguarded moments in life that should not fade. We adore meeting people in love, the connection it brings + the excitement it contains in their bones.

    So let’s adventure together, rave about the music we love, the movies that inspire us, whilst discovering more along this one wild life that we have.

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Fiona + Bobby Photography_Komi + Dave Engagement-109-1465

“A person learns how to love himself through the simple acts of loving and being loved by someone else.” Haruki Murakami

There’s something about an engagement session that is utterly magical.  Our time with Komi + Dave on their Sunrise Engagement Session was pretty special to us.  It’s not every day 4 people independently wake up whilst it’s pitch dark and drive out to create and documents moments of love.  Here we all are, meeting at a designated meeting point, not complete strangers but balancing on the cusp of friendly faces and no shared experiences.  With Komi + Dave, we waited in the City by the side of a heavy Moon, waiting to dip below the horizon.  The Sun hadn’t shown itself yet, and the streets were still.  Silent moments before memories were forged and created between four people.  That moment where friendly faces become friends, trusted and full of heart.
The moments we share with our couples during these sessions are priceless to Bobby and I.  We are present in the company of two people who love passionately, and we document those moments between the two of them without sharing that time with anyone else.  We aren’t confined to a runsheet for the day, worrying about making it in time to another location…it’s just us + you, laughing and sharing stories along the way.

The time we spent with Komi + Dave brought out giggles and a shared love for all things Wes Anderson.  We walked down streets vacant of people as the sun was just starting to rise, crispness in the air, birds singing their first song of the day, and the odd car driving around the back streets.  And in between all those moments, there was always something special binding these two together.

Engagement sessions are just as important as the wedding day itself.  Allow yourselves to enjoy this brief moment of time that you are both in…it’s a small moment in time before you take on the new roles of Mr + Mrs.

K + D, you guys are wonderful – thank you for trusting our vision on the session, and for sharing your love of Wes Anderson with us x

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“Believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance, and have faith that in this love there is a strength and a blessing so large that you can travel as far as you wish without having to step outside it.” Rainer Maria Rilke


The fourth installment in the long overdue beautiful boudoir collaboration with one of my super wonderful beautiful ladies.  Thank you for the giggles x

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Fiona + Bobby Photography_Hilary + Justin-89-5597

I remember making our way out to the cafe to meet Hilary + Justin one dark evening.  We met, we talked, and talked, and laughed, and talked some more.  Here were two souls who loved life with as much passion as they love one another.  Giggling over our life journey’s, what makes us great as individuals, our crazy diet restrictions and our aspirations for the future made Bobby and I walk away from the meeting with a sense of warmth beneath the skin.  The fact that we gushed over our kitty loves was merely the sealing of this friendship.  It always feel that extra special when we document the more intimate of weddings, to know that we are among people who are the most treasured in the lives of our couples.
Thank you both, for inviting us to share the day with you, and thank you for being absolute legends when Bobby misplaced your phone during the portrait sessions!  Adore you guys, to the moon and back.
Here’s Hilary + Justine’s wedding day.

Photography:  Fiona + Bobby Photography – www.FionaandBobby.com

Ceremony + Reception:  Royal Botanic Garden Sydney (Rose Garden) – www.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au

Bride’s Gown:  Lover – http://loverthelabel.com

Groom’s Attire:  MJ Bale – www.mjbale.com

Caterer:  Forte Catering + Events – www.fortecatering.com.au

Cakes:  Viva Cupcakes – www.vivacupcakes.com.au

Props Hire (Tables + Chairs):  Harbourside Decorators – www.harboursidedecorators.com.au

Hair + Make Up:  Amy Chan Hair + Make Up – www.amychan.net

Music:  Brock Lette Music – www.brocklette.com

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Fiona + Bobby Photography_Rachel + Luke-31-143

There’s engagement sessions…and then there are the engagement sessions/party with a surprise.  This is where Rachel + Luke step in.  Just as these two embarked on a wild journey of planning a wedding together, they had one more element of love and surprise to share with the friends that gathered with them to celebrate their engagement.  You may not be able to guess from the imagery, but Rachel + Luke are not two, but three…and they announced their pregnancy to their nearest and dearest at the party.

We have journeys that are wild, wonderful and full of love.  We define the right path for ourselves every single day, and each of those decisions are always a step closer to a happiness that emanates love.

Wishing these three a great journey ahead.

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Jane + Jerome-234-8004

“Until the end of time, I’ll be there for you,                                                                                                                                                   You own my heart and mind, I truly adore you.  

If God one day struck me blind, your beauty I’d still see,                                                                                                                         Love is too weak to define just what you mean to me.”     -Prince

There are couples that love, and there are couples…that love.  One breath starts where the other stops.  One heart pumps where the other leaves off.  One step strides forward where the other pauses.  They laugh together.  They sigh together.  They grow together.  And, the love together.

Jane + Jerome share a story of love.  The love of the intricate and complex bonds between family and the infinite love between the bonds of two souls.

Photography:  Fiona + Bobby Photography – http://fionaandbobby.com

Venue:  Milton Park Country House – http://www.miltonpark.com.au

Florist:  Merci Bouquet – http://www.mercibouquet.com.au

Hair + Makeup:  Eternal 2 Elegance – http://www.eternal2elegance.com

Music:  Brock Lette Music – http://www.brocklette.com

Marquee Lights:  Sammy & Lola – http://www.sammyandlola.com.au

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