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Helpful FAQ's

You probably have dozens of questions floating around...this is after all a big celebration that you are organising. Until we sit down together, here's a few answers that might help you both in deciding whether we are the right fit for one another.


1. Will we have the opportunity to meet one another before the wedding?

We would expect nothing less. We believe in the importance of connection, and that extends to the connection between us as the photographer and the two of you. We prefer to meet with our couples before we exchange any of the formalities, to make sure there’s a little bit of magic between us all. We are based in Ryde, but if you’re further afield, we are totally happy to Skype.

2. We love your work and there’s magic between us, how do we book you in?

We keep all our documentation “electronic” – we are trying to do our bit on the ‘war on waste.’ All we need is a booking fee and an electronically signed contract, and we are bound together for your wedding date.

3. Can you help us plan our run sheet?

Absolutely. Fi is a wiz with administration, she constantly draws upon her event organisation background to help so many of our couples create a seamless flow of events. She’s available every step of the way, to help take the pressure off the planning process.

4. Will you travel for our wedding day?

We would love to. Most of our wedding adventures are located in either Sydney, Blue Mountains or the South Coast, but love to travel further if the opportunity comes up. Reach out if you are getting married interstate or internationally.

5. How many photographers turn up on our day?

For elopements, either one us will turn up as a solo shooter. For all other weddings, you will have two photographers. Why two?


Every wedding, we shoot together as a husband and wife team. It's part of our coverage and the way we tell your story. We can split up and shoot the preps at the same time instead of adding on extra time for coverage.


Likewise, we can often be in two different places simultaneously to cover varying elements of your day. We are creatively supportive to one another in the lead up to the day and on the day itself, having the two of us adds value for our couples by being able to cover different angles of the same story at the same time. We are also one another’s backup on the day should anything happen.


Our storytelling is unique and it is because we both bring a depth of experience and two unique ways of seeing the same thing.

6. How will we receive our images?

Within 2 weeks from the wedding day, you will receive a highlight gallery from your day while we work on the rest of the wedding gallery.

The completed full gallery will be available in your personal secure gallery online within 10-12 weeks, in both high and low resolution – which you can share with your nearest and dearest.


All images are available in high and low resolution, with a mix of colour and black and white images.

7. Do you shoot elopements?

Heck yes! Reach out about our elopement rates. We have been lucky enough to shoot such an intimate adventure between souls, and acted as witnesses. It would be an honour to do so again.

8. How long have you both been shooting weddings?

Bobby has been documenting weddings since 2001 and ran his own business back in LA. Once moving to Sydney in 2012, we continued the adventure, and Fi joined along. Fi turned her passion full time back in April 2016.

9. What’s this I keep hearing about “light” on a wedding day?

Photographers will always work backwards from the time the sun sets to figure out what works best and when. When that light is gone, it’s GONE! So if your portraits are scheduled for after sunset, you are probably going to cry…just a little, as will we.

Typically, the best time of day for your portraits is the lead up to the last 2 hours of light on the day, with your bridal portraits falling in the last hour.

10. How long should we schedule for our portraits?

At a minimum, you should be looking at no less than 30 mins with your bridal party, and then an additional 45 mins for your bridal portraits. If you want to factor in more time, then more the merrier…we are not going to complain! But no less, especially if you are looking to capture some of those dreamy candid photos between you all…even those require a little direction and room to breathe.


Remember, your bridal portraits together is the first time you will both be alone on the day. It’s a beautiful way to enjoy a pocket of calm during the adventure, and to celebrate together in private…with us there ;)


This does not include your family formals. We run through all this at our meeting so that it makes sense and doesn’t feel overwhelming.

11. We are super awkward in front of the camera and would prefer to keep it all candid. What advice can you give?

Truth be told, each and every one of us are super awkward in front of the camera, unless you are in front of the camera for a living…and even then, you need a little direction.

We have lots of cool and wonderful ways to make you feel disarmed and relaxed, whether you are introverted and extroverted. We shall have you in fits of giggles with one another or lost in a bubble of intimacy together – either way, we try to capture the true essence of who you are together. Every one of us, despite how candid we want our photos to be, needs some subtle direction, and we shall walk you through all of that.

We mix this candid and relaxed nature in with some more directional artistic choices to get the signature look see in our portfolio. And here’s a secret…every single person you see on our portfolio felt the same way you do about photos, and look how beautifully their personality and love resonates.

12. What time should we have our ceremony in the Summer / Winter?

To be honest, it is hard to say because everyone’s day and flow of events are different. As a general rule though, if you are getting married in Summer, consider having your ceremony start at something like 4pm, and your reception a little later in the day. The Summer months can be harsh in light and incredibly challenging in temperatures. You and your guests will be grateful!

13. Can we invest in a Fine Art Album?

You sure can, and we highly encourage you to do so. The biggest injustice to your wedding imagery is to keep them on a computer. The best way to relive your memories and to bring it all back to life is to invest and create a Fine Art Album, so that not only you but your children, parents and grandchildren can re-live the memories, and remember who you both were at that point in your lives together.


In an environment where everything is electronic and for the moment, where technology fails constantly, it’s important to print your memories, to create an heirloom for now and the generations to come.

14. What if it rains on our wedding day?

First thing is first, cloudy days are the best days for imagery. No harsh shadows and light on people’s faces, just dreamy light.

We encourage our couples to invest in clear umbrellas for all the bridal party if it looks like rain. The weather cannot be controlled on a wedding day so we say embrace it! It’s part of the story and if there’s rain then the day becomes all the more dynamic.


If it’s utterly torrential rain during your portraits then we shall wait it out for a break and dash out in the moments between finding cover and a break in the rain.


Have fun with the process, because at the end of the day, the most important part is that you both get married to one another, everything else is the cherry on the delicious cake.






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