waop_fiona + bobby photography_portraits-0084We met through a collaborative global photography project, contributing to a body of work which created visions of dawn and dusk through the eyes of people from around the globe.

He was my dawn, and I was his.

He lived in Los Angeles, and I in Sydney.

We married a year to the day of becoming friends and have not been apart since.

We bring laughter in our lives every single day, because it feeds the soul and drives the heart to keep loving.

We gamble everything for love, believe in the goodness within the reckless heart and never stop believing.

If we aren’t out taking photos, you will find us plotting pranks against the other, or dancing in the living room with the music out loud.

This is our story. We know that you have a story too, a story which is important and powerful, and we would love to hear it x

(Photo credit courtesy of our fabulous friend, David Duong from We Are Origami Photography)