Kaitlyn + Vik | Boudoir

I am full of love tonight
Come look into my eyes, and let’s go off
Sailing, my dear, on a long ocean ride.

This world will not touch you,
I will keep you snug upon my seat.

Let’s plot
To make the moon jealous
With a radiance leaping from your cheek.

I will be full of love tonight,
Come look into these ancient eyes!

And let’s go off sailing, my dear,
With our spirits intertwined.

~ Hafiz

Lovers entwine themselves with love, then one another.  Lovers love for the sake of nothing else but the other’s heart and smile.
Preserve the moments you don’t see, but live.
Let go of inhibitions and be with your other, like no other.

I have fallen in love, documenting the love of others.  My heart beats like oars conquering a vast ocean and my being feels humbled capturing frames of souls bound to one another.  This is my happy place, creating and capturing unguarded moments stripped of everything other than light and adoration.  If you have a love that is boundless, I want to capture it.
I keep asking myself why I pick up a camera and photograph people.  I keep facing my vulnerabilities and hoping that they will be conquered – and in these moments captured between lovers who have fearless adoration for one another, I conquer those vulnerabilities and create something that makes me fulfilled to pick up the camera.

It’s humbling when a couple allows me to be present during their honest and genuine moments.  It’s not something that every couple has, but surely it’s something that each and every one of us dream of attaining at some point in this great journey, right?
To love and be loved, so freely and uninhibited…that is beautiful.

Kaitlyn and Vik are one of those couples that don’t fear to love with the weight and lightness of the universe that created them.  Each of them has travelled a journey to be where they are in life, and they weren’t afraid to love and be loved.  Neither of them was fearful to be vulnerable and empowered at the same time.  They birthed tears of love and embraced each other with the breadth of an ocean.

Let’s create more of this.




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