Nicola + Anto | Biota

Nothing on your day will ever go as planned.  There will be some small things that might slide out of place slightly, and at time there will be the bigger things that you cannot control.  The key is to be detached.  After all your planning, all your weaving and binding of the most intricate of details…when the day rolls around, be detached.  Nic + Anto were the embodiment of detachment on their day.  The day started bright and beautiful, the air was heavy with warmth and every single person smiled both inwardly and out.  We all chose to ignore that big, huge, monstrous black cloud that was edging closer as the day’s minutes ticked by.  When the ceremony was scheduled to start and the skies decided to let loose on the outdoor ceremony, everyone banded together, grabbed chairs and rugs and dashed for cover.  Nic stayed in the car and waited patiently for the skies to zip back up and for the Sun to return. And it did.  And it was glorious.  Not everything will go to plan, trust us, it won’t.  But if you are detached and keep love in your heart and your partner at the forefront of your mind, then nothing else matters.  Every single other guest on your day will laugh with you, rally around and help with the moving of anything that needs moving, and keep you both feeling like little orbs of light are with you every step of the way.

Nic + Anto, thank you for bringing detachment, life and love to your day.  We dodged storms and laughed, and it was perfect just the way it was.




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