Gabbi + Lachy | Green Field Farm Estate

Every wedding is an adventure, and every single one is a new discovery of persona, love and energy for Bobby and I.  When we jump into the car early in the morning and start typing in the address for a new location, there’s a tingle in our toes and a skip in the beat of our heart.  We feel as though we are truly on the same adventure as the couple and their guests, combining mini-roundtrips with a belly full of butterflies in anticipation of what the day will bring.

The day could not be anything but relaxed and fun with these two at the head of the organisation wheel.  Two individuals, meeting at university, Lachy sitting behind Gabbi and her friends in lectures with the dreamy eyes, it really could only ever go one way for these two.  And when you finish off the formalities of your wedding adventure with a piñata, truly that means it’s a union to last the ages, right?!  Let’s forget that someone was whacked on the head during the piñata beating process and that Lachy endured a bull ant bite during the portraits.  Gabbi + Lachy, you two have the biggest hearts filled with vibrancy and adventure.  Keep being the amazing duo that you are x




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