Dani + Tony’s Wedding | National Art School

I often think about this great journey in life,  how it is the greatest unknown that you will ever embark upon.  We make choices yet nothing is ever really known.  We navigate through the world with our hearts firmly tucked away within our chests and only ever trust a few souls to share that with.  We hope that every step brings some semblance of happiness and gut wrenching laughter.  We hope that the turn of every corner makes our skin tingle and glow.
Sometimes, life brings you unexpected hardships and unwanted sadness but what makes the journey so worthwhile are the people you allow into your heart to share the heaviness and light of every experience.
Danielle + Tony share so much more than just a loving smile between one another.  There is strength between the two of them and an abundance of deep surging love.
Here’s a few highlights from their wedding adventure.


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