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The District – Boracay, Philippines – Wedding Location


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There are many reasons to escape the big city and have your wedding in a secluded location.  There’s a sense of a real adventure, and experience for you and your guests.  But sometimes, you have to live that adventure to its limits and create life affirming memories for not just you and your partner in life, but for all those that are nearest and dearest to you that you bring along to witness your union, explore and adventure through it all together with.

Destination weddings are just that.  Adventures.  Memories.  Laughter and exploration of all things new.  It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your new path together.

Boracay is a little island situated a short way off the mainland of Caticlan, Philippines.  It’s tropical, vivid in sight, and filled with the warmest hearts of the locals.

The journey from Caticlan airport to The District, Boracay takes you through the residential areas of Caticlan island, then you jump onto a boat for about 15-20mins, then a short trip across the island to the hotel itself.  The hotel sits literally on the beach, on Station 2 of the island. As you walk to the entrance, you feet is greeted by soft sand and the buzz of holiday makers going about their business.  It’s a somewhat surreal experience, wonderful and unique way to start your wedding journey.  There’s nothing that spells out an island wedding to you and your guests than being greeted by sand and the ocean breeze as soon as you arrive.  

Upon arrival, you are greeted with a beautiful and refreshing cucumber and lime drink and the most beautiful smiling faces from The District staff, along with a scented cold towel to wipe away some of the humidity.

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It’s a brilliant way to start your stay at The District.  

A lot of thought has gone into the layout and design of this hotel. As you walk through to the main part of the building, you notice that there is a light and airy openness to the entire architectural design. All of the rooms point towards the lap pool that is in the centre of the space, which is drenched in sun for most of the day.   A sense of community is immediately established for those of you that plan on having your guests stay and get ready at the same venue as you for the wedding day. It’s an ideal location for a smaller wedding gathering and definitely is the perfect base for some fun in the lead up to the day. You can spend some of your day exploring the island and dipping into the pristine and aqua clear ocean which is literally on your doorstep, and in the evenings take a dip in the pool on the hotel grounds.

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During our stay, we opted for a Premier Room, which I highly recommend any of our brides to also do. It gives you a little more space on the wedding day for your makeup artist, and some of your bridal party to move around in without feeling like you are bumping into one another. The rooms are beautifully designed with ample space to move around, store your clothing and even has a separate area for you to store your luggage to ensure that you do not keep tripping over it.  We loved this way of thinking as it demonstrates a mindfulness for guests planning on traveling to The District with a little more than the average amount of luggage.

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It’s also good to note that the walls are a clean and wonderful white, which means that no odd colour will be reflected back onto your skin from multi-coloured walls.  One thing to always remember is that white walls mean you’ll have a wonderful brightness from all that natural light bouncing and reflecting off those neutral walls – so crucial for your wedding preparations.

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Little pots of flowers in the room add a nice touch to bring nature into your living space. There’s also an abundance of power supplies in the room, along with an extension cord which means that you will never run out of electricity to keep your mod cons all going as you get ready on the day of the wedding.  

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The District has some funky little bathroom amenities which smell great so you don’t need to bring your shampoos or shower gel. We also loved the thoughtfulness of there being a mosquito repellent spray in the room. Little touches like this makes you feel loved and cared for by the management and staff here – and it also helps prevent any mozzie bites showing up on the skin before the wedding!

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All the rooms are soundproofed, which means that you will get a great nights sleep in the lead up to the wedding day.  Not only does this eliminate any noise that might filter through from the main beach area, but it also keeps your room quiet when other guests take a dip in the pool later in the evening.

Another small touch which also places a big smile on our face is a turn down service with a treat. When you come back to your room the night before the wedding, and find your sheets all turned down and ready, there’s also a lovely little treat on your nightstand to bring a little sweetness into your palette before the day, and each evening the treat is different.

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The District has an in-house spa, where you can massage away residual stress from the Big City as the countdown begins for the wedding. I don’t know any bride (or groom even) that wouldn’t enjoy a little bit of the wagyu beef treatment (that’s code for “massage” where we come from!) the day before and the day of the wedding. There’s no need to wander the streets trying to find a place, The District hosts all of these services under the one roof.  Upon arrival, we were given a little voucher for a complimentary 30 mins massage, which you can either keep as is, or upgrade on top of any of the spa treatments on offer.  We upgraded our 30 min massage to the 90min massage…which yes, you guessed right…meant that we had a total of 2 hours for the price of only 90mins. We would highly recommend any of our couples to take advantage of the same spa treatment at your stay at The District.  Both Bobby and I couldn’t even remember what day it was after our treatment.
The Spa is a delight from the very moment you step through the front door.  You are offered local ginger tea upon arrival and given a choice of 3 different oils for your treatment.  Once you’ve sipped away and made your oil choice, you are guided into a private room where the treatment begins.  If you prefer, you can have your own private room as a couple.  I can’t think of any other way to start your wedding morning, or even to enjoy the day after your wedded celebrations.  

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Let’s just take a moment to mention some wonderful features of the room.  There’s an abundance of light that streams through your glassed doors, and there is a walk in bathroom with a rain shower that is large enough for two people to fit in.  There is also a separate toilet for privacy.  

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A lounge sofa is also featured in the room for extra comfort, to escape some midday heat, and a flat screen tv with many channel choices is also included, should you want a moment or two to yourself.

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The District also provides some soft robes for you you lounge in whilst in your rooms (or getting ready on the wedding day) and complimentary slippers to slide your feet in when your in the room.

Fiona + Bobby Photography_The District Boracay170301 The District will also take away any of the stress getting to and from Catalan airport away from you.  The friendly staff will organise organise a pickup and drop-off to the airport.   All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the scenery on the private car ride and boat trip over to Boracay.

The hotel also has a unique little feature in respect to their food options.  You can either have their breakfast buffet, or if you don’t make it in time for breakfast, you can always take advantage of their lunch buffet instead.  Such a generous choice option by the hotel and so well thought out.  So, if any of our couples has a big night and can’t get up in time on the day of their wedding for the breakfast offering, never fear, there’s always the delicious lunch to enjoy instead – the biggest decision you will be making is whether you will sit by the pool for the day or the beach front.

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If you decide to sit out by the beach, one of the helpful staff will find a sun lounge for you, along with a towel and security will watch over the area whilst you take a dip in the water.

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Let me get a little more specific about having your wedding here at The District.  The hotel/venue is so conveniently situated with literally being on the doorstep of the beach, and you will be blessed with the gorgeous glow of light during the entire ceremony.  With their own designated security, The District will ensure prevention of tourists walking across the beach during the ceremony.  The highly dedicated team at the hotel will ensure that the entire wedding will run smoothly.  Naomi and her team at The District run a very tight and well oiled ship.  Naomi has been with The District for just about 5 years now, and with an Interior Design background, you know that she will pay close attention to all levels of details on the day, including the creative aspects.  

You can collaborate with the hotel to create the wedding vision you envisage and the whole team will work diligently to create that very same vision come to life.

Here are some images of a wedding set up at The District:

For those of you that are planning a holiday to Boracay, The District can also organise a surprise proposal for you.  We know how so many of you pop the question when you are overseas in a little slice of paradise, so we wanted to give you a little snippet of what you can create with the team at The District:

The District is a beautiful location in Boracay, literally right in the heart of Station 2, on the beach.
We highly recommend that if you are looking for a destination wedding on a small island, that you look closely at The District.
For more information about the hotel, you can find more here:

We shall leave you with a few more happy snaps from our time at The District.  A huge thank you to Vina, Naomi and the rest of the stellar team – our stay was incredible and we can’t wait to come back.

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