Negar + Morris | Boracay Island

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Every one of us has a story.  Those stories are amplified when we bind our journey with another soul whom we walk through this earthly life with.  This is one of those journey’s that we were present for, witnessing more than just a day of union, and included amongst their friends.

Weddings are shared with those you love; the closest of friends and the most cherished of those that are your family.  Memories are forged, happy hearts are etched with lines of laughter and tears are shed for those that are no longer with us but whose memory burns strong.

Negar + Morris took their journey of love to Boracay, Philippines, and celebrated their union at the beautiful Asya Premier Suits.  But, before the festivities of the day burst into laughter and dance, a quiet breakfast was shared with a smaller group, and gifts were shared with the happy couple.  Gifts of new and gifts of old.  Gifts that shared the whisper of a memory that was once filed away but came surging back.  Negar’s mother, so loved, so missed and yet so present.  Gold not only within its physical nature but gold like the sunlight that bathed everyone that day.

We thank the two of you, for bringing us on this journey with you, your friends and your family.  It was a blessing to be among those that you love on the days before and after your wedding.




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