The Streets Barber | Portraits


Last year, Bobby travelled down to Melbourne to meet Nasir Sobhani and hear all about the amazing community service project he’s started called:  The Streets Barber.

Nasir is a Canadian living in Melbourne, serving the community in inspirational ways after travelling through his own challenges in life with addiction and drugs.  Now clean and sober, his addiction is seeing the joy on the faces of the homeless he serves in selfless ways through his talent and craft as a barber.  He gives these precious souls a voice, telling their story on social media along with their transformation before and after being groomed.  His project has brought on ripples of positivity and has gone on to inspire many others, globally.

Remember, small steps are mountains to others.

Take a look at Nasir’s journey on Instagram: @TheStreetsBarber
You can read more about his journey over on his website:


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