Komi + Dave | Engagement

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“A person learns how to love himself through the simple acts of loving and being loved by someone else.” Haruki Murakami

There’s something about an engagement session that is utterly magical.  Our time with Komi + Dave on their Sunrise Engagement Session was pretty special to us.  It’s not every day 4 people independently wake up whilst it’s pitch dark and drive out to create and documents moments of love.  Here we all are, meeting at a designated meeting point, not complete strangers but balancing on the cusp of friendly faces and no shared experiences.  With Komi + Dave, we waited in the City by the side of a heavy Moon, waiting to dip below the horizon.  The Sun hadn’t shown itself yet, and the streets were still.  Silent moments before memories were forged and created between four people.  That moment where friendly faces become friends, trusted and full of heart.
The moments we share with our couples during these sessions are priceless to Bobby and I.  We are present in the company of two people who love passionately, and we document those moments between the two of them without sharing that time with anyone else.  We aren’t confined to a runsheet for the day, worrying about making it in time to another location…it’s just us + you, laughing and sharing stories along the way.

The time we spent with Komi + Dave brought out giggles and a shared love for all things Wes Anderson.  We walked down streets vacant of people as the sun was just starting to rise, crispness in the air, birds singing their first song of the day, and the odd car driving around the back streets.  And in between all those moments, there was always something special binding these two together.

Engagement sessions are just as important as the wedding day itself.  Allow yourselves to enjoy this brief moment of time that you are both in…it’s a small moment in time before you take on the new roles of Mr + Mrs.

K + D, you guys are wonderful – thank you for trusting our vision on the session, and for sharing your love of Wes Anderson with us x




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