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On our return trip back to Bali, we wanted to find a spot that oozes nothing but a sacred tranquility, somewhere that could be considered ideal for a couple that have gone through the throws of organising a wedding and now wanted to spend time in a place to completely unwind and disconnect.

We found that very place at Aria Villas, Ubud.


Aria Villa is a little slice of paradise.
First off, if you haven’t visited Ubud, Bali, you certainly have to make this a must on your next explore of the island.  Ubud is a stark difference to Seminyak, with a considerable amount of the lifestyle centralised around the spiritual essence of Hinduism.  Much of everything in this part of Bali is about family, education and how to contribute to upholding the faith of the country and the ceremonies in honour of that.

As our driver entered Ubud, the car came to a standstill as we hit traffic – something that is usually unheard of in Ubud.  After much confusion, we all discovered that the roads had been closed as the locals took to the streets in celebration of a Hindu festival.  We felt honoured to witness something so beautifully traditional to the culture.  Whilst Seminyak has so much beauty, Ubud delivers on authenticity.

For honeymooners that are seeking to escape the City and have adventure within their hearts, Aria Villas is for you.

Aria Villa is nestled away 8 mins walk off the center of Ubud, down a local street.  The street is occupied by other inconspicuous villas and local Balinese homes.
As a honeymooner staying at Aria, you will be surrounded by natural, lush Ubud beauty, friendly faces on the street from the locals, witness numerous traditional ceremonies as you walk to the center of Ubud for dinner in the evenings and see chickens clucking about their daily routine.



Upon arrival, you are welcomed by the staff with cold towels to cool down and a freshly made welcome drink.  The air is scented sweet from the burning oils on the table, of which you can choose the scent that suits your mood.  Scent adds much to your memories of a place, which is a nice touch for honeymooners as your memories will be bound to the scent that welcomes you each day as you walk through the open air reception area.



Aria itself is made up of 8 private villas, each with their own private pool.  There is a selection of 1/2/3 bedroom villa’s, with the option of creating a 4 bedroom private villa with two pools via an adjoining door.  The villa’s themselves have been designed by Singaporean-based architect Chioh Hui Goh and exhibits a sleek minimalistic vision alongside some very unique Balinese features and furniture.   The way the villa has been designed to coincide with the natural environment in perfect synchronicity ensures that you experience the real essence of Ubud during your stay.


You are treated to a welcome massage in the comfort of your room upon arrival by the onsite professional masseuse.  It’s a beautiful touch and incredibly welcomed after all the wedding planning and wedding day celebrations, and opens the door to the start of wellness and serenity.


If you check-in much later in the evening, like we did, and are too tired to explore the main high street for a place to grab dinner, you do not need to worry as Aria has a superb in house chef to cater for you.  The menu has been carefully created by renowned chefs Ray and Eelke from Lovacore (a well-established and highly sought after restaurant in Ubud) and the attention to detail in the meals does not go unnoticed.   With food this great at the villa’s there would be very little reason to leave the serenity of the grounds.
The breakfasts have a daily rotating 3-course menu which is hands down the best villa breakfast we have experienced.  Honeymooners can choose to either have their breakfast served by the private pool in the villa or inside the villa snuggled in bed.  This is not a place to skip breakfast at and we opted to have our breakfasts by the pool every day, graced by the sounds of the natural habitat and the signature Ubud climate.  It’s all about starting your day off right, and Aria really knows how to do that.



How can we forget the midnight snack that is left on your bed (along with a turn down service) for when you return to your villa in the evening?  A new treat awaits daily inside the beautifully presented porcelain container.  Pretty sure we let out a slight squeal each time we saw one left on our bed when we returned home from our evening stroll.


There is plenty to see and do in Ubud especially with Aria being located just a short distance away from many local must-visit places, from the Monkey Forest, to the markets to many renowned restaurants.   After exploring, we would make our way back to the villa between 3-5pm for a little rest and dip in the pool before our evening dinner reservations, and the staff has prepared a mid-afternoon icy pole with rotating daily flavours.  As the outside temperature reaches its peak, this fresh fruit icy pole is the most welcomed treat as you slip into a pool that’s inviting you to take a dip.


Let me take a moment to talk about the exquisite design of these villas.  Brushed concrete walls, petrified wood side tables and a neutral colour scheme that begs for nothing more than the simplicity of intimacy.  The two adjoining walls of the villa are made entirely of glass sliding doors, giving you the option to completely open them out so that your villa spills out into the privacy of your garden and pool.  Block out curtains can be drawn at night if you prefer to snuggle under the covers in the morning for an extra hour or so, or you can keep them pulled back if you prefer to wake with the native wildlife.  Orchids by the side of the bed bring the nature indoors, and the pop out lights from the wall ensure that you do not disturb your partner at night if you decide to stay up a little longer to read.


Universal electric sockets were also a great touch, in case you forget your Indonesian electric converter.  It’s as though they have thought of every single possible way to make your stay at the villa as carefree and enjoyable as possible.


Each villa is separated by beautiful ivy lined walls which create a real sense of seclusion from the rest of the world, even your neighbours.


His and Her sides of the bathroom give the villa a very contemporary feel, with other nice touches like plenty of bath towels on both side of the bathroom, bathrobes and beautifully crafted hair and shower gels specifically for the two of you.  Tea infused bath salts are also available should you want to take a dip in the outdoor concrete bathtub.  The rain shower is also located outside and I can tell you that showers back home in our apartment are never going to be the same after our experience at Aria.  Nothing will ever compare to that balmy outdoor heat and a rain shower set amongst the wildlife.  This place is not for the fainthearted, you will see geckos but they are utterly harmless.  Standing there in the shower and watching the bees and the gecko’s go about their business was honestly a highlight for the two of us.  Utterly romantic, in every way possible.  Take advantage of the bathtub amongst the stars, lay in there just the two of you lit by candlelight, unwind and enjoy this new life that the two of you have forged together.
Aria is the perfect place to start this new phase of your lives together.


With sunbeds by the private pool and your own exclusive view of the jungle of Ubud, is there any question as to why we recommend Aria Villa to be the place of choice to celebrate your honeymoon?  A honeymoon should be every bit intimate and secluded as the name itself conjures up, and Aria tailors for just that.  With clean, minimalist interiors and plenty of natural light, this place merely encourages you to document your stay here during this unique phase of your life as much as possible.



Ubud is all about love; the love of family; the love of faith; the love for the country itself.  Celebrating the love bonded between the two of you in Ubud would just make sense, and the staff at Aria are there to take that experience to the next level.  They genuinely care about your stay and try to assist at every given moment.  The manager of Aria, Karim, has been there from the birth of Aria and is onsite 6 days a week to ensure that the standard is maintained and to be of assistance.  The heart of Bali is alive here.

The perfect way to unwind after a wedding is to spend some time out to recharge and connect with one another.  At Aria Villa’s you can do just that, and either lock yourselves away in the privacy of your luxurious villa, or venture out to the streets near by filled with delectables from local life to high end restaurants.

Any imagery you take to immortalise your honeymoon experience will undoubtedly be beautiful at this location.  Create memories and capture them for future generations.  Aria Villa’s will be our go-to place without a doubt for Ubud.  If you are going to celebrate your love, make sure you do with the justice that it deserves.  Low-key luxury with in-villa spa treatments, freshly made ice-cream which is available and meals created by renowned chefs, the experience is on-going.

Every spot at Aria Villas is beautiful, however for that extra touch of magic we recommend booking the Valley Room if you can, just for that added extra layer of seclusion and nature.

Prepare for the inevitable desire of never wanting the honeymoon at  Aria to end.

Big thank you to Karim and his wonderful team for our stay at Aria Villa.

For bookings, visit: Aria Villa, Ubud

Alternatively, you can also book accommodation via The Luxe Nomad

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