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If there is one thing that you can never extract out of our minds, it’s seeing the world from the perspective of weddings.  When I came across Hu’u Villa’s, I felt we had just stumbled across the perfect wedding destination for the relaxed and fun loving couple.  It’s nestled within the quieter side of the heart of Seminyak, a short stroll away from Petitenget Beach and close by to many renowned restaurants.


Hu’u Villas has the right balance of serenity and vibrancy, which can often be a tricky combination to juggle.  A relatively new construction, the 10 villas at Hu’u were built with a sense of community and love in mind.  The 1/2/3 bedroom villas are all interconnected with adjacent doors next to the private pools (almost like a long corridor), perfect for the bridal couple planning on bringing their closest friends and family with them to celebrate this new phase in their journey as a couple.  You can open the connecting doors to create the feel of a large house for the moments when you all want to be together, and close them off when you want a little more privacy.


The beautiful thing about the way Hu’u has been constructed is that the Penthouse Villa is its own separate space.  If you were the bride, wouldn’t you want a little quiet time on the day of the wedding, to focus and stay calm before one of the biggest events of your life?  The bride alone, or the bride and groom, can prepare for their big day in a little more seclusion, until the celebrations get on the way.   With all the love that comes along with organising a destination wedding and having all your dearest staying at the one location, it’s also incredibly important to ensure that you and your partner have a little time out on the day in the lead up to the nuptials, some space to decompress, de-stress and focus your thoughts.





The utmost aspect that we love about Hu’u is that your ceremony can be hosted in the garden with an incredible backlight behind you and your guests, which will create magical imagery.  The staff at Hu’u will work with your vision, laying out the tables to your desire, catering food that is utterly divine by renowned chefs.  When Bobby and I got married in the Malibu Hills and we trying to organise the nuptials from afar, the one thing that truly kept us smiling through the whole process was the efforts and ease of communication with the staff at our venue.  We look for this at every location we visit and is so important.  We didn’t expect anything different with Hu’u and we certainly were not disappointed.  So all your brides out there, rest assured that the staff at Hu’u will be available for every query and request you send through to them.  They will take the burden off your shoulders leaving you to focus on other details of the day.


The location of Hu’u is ideal for those who are seeking that intimate garden setting for their ceremony.  You are surrounded by carefully selected décor in both furniture and the garden itself, and you can opt to have photos around the venue itself or take a short stroll to unique Bali streets, or even to the beach to catch the setting glimpses of the sun as it sets.  The chic Hu’u Bar is perfect for your guests to relax in whilst you have your bridal portraits taken.


Having been given the bridal treatment during our stay at Hu’u, both Bobby and I love this location.  If there is one thing that is important to us whenever we visit any venue, it’s how we are treated by the staff.  True to Balinese essence, everyone that works at Hu’u is filled with warm hearts and will go out of their way to make you feel at home and welcome.  For bridal couples, you will also be treated to dinner by the pool, music and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne…be still my beating heart, the romance will be off the charts.  Did I hear someone scream “swoon?!”


A little more about the interior, because you cannot pass without a mention on how delectable it all is.  Every guest is welcomed with a refreshing mocktail or cocktail before being taken to their villa.  You are immediately welcomed by fresh and clean marble interiors which keep the villa beautifully cool in the humid climate, a luxurious sofa which you might find it hard to pull yourself away from, delicately selected interior furnishings and a private pool that receives sunlight all day that will have your name written all over it from the moment you set eyes upon it.


The deep bath set against the mini rainforest backdrop begs for you to soak in a well-deserved bubble bath.  And who doesn’t love a separate rain shower, which opens up to the mini rain forest backdrop to truly feel like you are in the tropics.




There is so much thought that has gone into the design of this villa, down to the small details like LED lights by the side of the bed so that you can read without disturbing your partner, to the signature Hu’u scent that is sprayed upon your pillows on your evening turndown service.


We are suckers for clean interiors though. The marble finishes and finely selected artwork and furnishings will really set your bridal preparation imagery apart, giving it punch, edge and chic.

If there is one thing we tell our couples, it’s to look for natural light in your chosen location, lots of it.

And if you forget your tunes for your elopement, don’t worry, Hu’u have you covered with their preloaded ipod player. Each villa comes with a tablet to help you find everything that you need in the area. If you decide to venture out with family in the days leading up to the big day, there are some spectacular restaurants close by, such as Sarong and Merah Putih. And if you feel like you need a coffee hit, then Revolver Café is just down the road. But don’t forget, Hu’u has a phenomenal in house restaurant and bar that can cater to all your family needs.


For the bridal couple that is searching to satisfy those midnight munchies once you get back to your room, the kitchens are open till well after midnight to satisfy those post celebration stomach rumbles whilst you glow from the memories of the day.


But let’s face it, the highlight is that beautiful private pool set against an intricately designed garden.  Draping vines and birds that teeter about their business like you aren’t even there…definitely a feature you don’t want to miss.



This is Villa Weddings, at its most urban and chic.  It’s for those that love the ocean, but want something different to the traditional destination wedding.  It’s for the couples that love family, love friends, love great food, relaxation and value the importance of a good boogie.  It’s a place for those that love and want to be surrounded by those who love.


From our own experience, the place in which you stay leading up to your wedding is just as important as the day itself. Surround yourself with the people you love, but most importantly, surround yourself with the love from your partner. With each Hu’u villa having the option to be as open or as private as you like, you still have the opportunity to lock yourself away in your own private space and it will create the sensation that you are completely isolated away from everything. Just the two of you, the private pool, chic loft interiors and food on order whenever and wherever you like it. Hu’u allows you both to create the bubble of love in a very unique setting.

Huge thanks for Hu’u for all your assistance during our stay – we cannot wait to return.

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