fiona-and-bobby-064Sydney Wedding Photographer:  Bobby Aazami

Some Personal Things To Know About Me:

  • My wife is a lioness.
  • I have more bow ties than my wife has shoes.
  • Music is my greatest Time Machine.
  • Prince is infallible.
  • Speeches are my favourite moments during the wedding reception.
  • I love movie nights.
  • I always think what my wife has ordered in a cafe is better than my choice.
  • Raw red meat is the best way to surprise your friends during a snowball fight.
  • Comedy which contains profanity is the greatest nutrition for my soul.
  • A little cube of cacao every night is my medicine.
  • I believe in the purifying powers of Lake Minnetonka.
  • Sugar makes me fall asleep.
  • If I am up past midnight, I turn delirious and Midnight Bobby takes over, stringing words together that don’t make sense.
  • My wife is sometimes funnier than me. Sometimes.
  • When I’m not shooting weddings, I dedicate my time to Will Not Rest! – an online social justice campaign I started which is dedicated to shifting the consciousness surrounding child sexual abuse and rape culture.  If you would like to engage in conversations that lead to creating safer communities for our children, please consider joining our Facebook Group Page and let your voices be heard.

(Photo credit courtesy of our fabulous friend, Suz Darling from Love & Stuff Photography)