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“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” Paolo Coelho

As we scouted around the area for this session, Bobby and I talked about how Azar + Nabil were on the cusp of a great journey.  With their son Faizi by their side and another blessing on the way, they were consciously making choices that would enrich their children’s lives, and in turn their own.  To think so selflessly is an attribute that not all people possess but when they do it’s often with much grace.  A journey to Switzerland awaits these beautiful souls and a year or two or more of new sights, new tastes and new sounds await them ahead.  If a journey lay ahead of you, one filled with so much promise yet trepidation, would you see the wisdom and joy in that journey?  I hope you do.  These two did.  They will be missed by so many here in Sydney, but they will enrich the lives of all those they will cross paths with in this new stage.

Here are two individuals who adore their son with every fragment of their heart, who wonder how this gift came into their life.  I couldn’t help but watch their interaction with a sense of wonder and contentment, as they leaned in close and whispered words that hopefully he will remember at some point in his future.  Life is better lived when there is love.

We wish these four an adventure of limitless joy and growth. . .

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