Little Henry | New Born

Keirsten + Paul + Henry-45

It makes your beating heart stop a little when you finally meet someone for the first time.
Someone who has been on a journey for nine long months.  Keirsten + Paul have been getting to know that person from the inside out during that journey, and now they have the opportunity to get to know him all over again, from the outside in.

Did we let out a little gasp when we laid first sight on this tiny soul?  Absolutely.  How can you not?
Baby scent, side smiles and eyes that look straight into you with wonder…nothing else comes quite as close.

Here we are, meeting this precious little man for the first time in person.  We first met him at Keirsten + Paul’s maternity session.  We couldn’t see his features, or his body, but we knew he was there and those few hours we spent together was all about him.  But to actually meet this little one in the flesh was something else.  New born babies, you know that nothing else compares to their purity, their scent and there wide eye gazes.

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