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Meet Keirsten + Paul

We all know how exciting it can be when you discover that you are pregnant, right?  We have either been through it ourselves, or know of someone very close to us that is going through the process.  There is river of love just flowing continuously whilst excitedly preparing for a journey so new and different ahead.  Capturing those little moments in a session close to the due date makes both of our hearts sing, it really does.  But, add another dimension into that, a furry little family member, and you are instantly elevated to a whole new level!  What we adored (possibly a little too much) is how their dog Delilah is such an integral part of this growing family’s life.

And that’s what is important, right?  The pets that we have in our life are so important and so weaved into everything that we do, that it would be strange to exclude them from any moment that is defining in your life.

And Delilah was just that.  She was there every step of the way on the day, watching us, being involved, wanting head rubs and just happy to be there to take it all in.

I can’t look at these frames without feeling an ocean of adoration for these two people, but to also feel a giggle in my belly bursting to break free whenever I see Delilah trying to peep into the images as many times as she can.

Keirsten + Paul are two of the warmest people you will meet.  The love that they have created and nurtured between the two of them is infectious. You can see it in the sideways glance that they give one another, or the gentle touch against the others back.  They are just there, for one another, and for their future journeys together.

Pick up a cup of tea, and take a little peep into their world, even if it’s for five minutes.  Get ready to embrace the warm and fuzzies.

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  • JK BlackwelltJune 2, 2015 - 10:54 pm

    N’aw… I love that Delilah took part in Keirsten & Paul’s session – I hope I get to see follow-up one later with the babe!ReplyCancel

    • Sydney Wedding Photographers | Fiona + Bobby PhotographyJune 9, 2015 - 10:06 am

      oooh, there will be more – watch this space!ReplyCancel