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“Beauty is not in the face.  Beauty is a light in the heart.” -Khalil Gibran

You may remember that we had a little competition when we launched the business for a free session.  We didn’t know at the time what kind of journey that would take us on.  Our intention was that this session would be a gift to a person who supported and believed in our vision.  That gift landed in the lap of Cat, who wanted to give the gift of the session to her sister Emily.

The gift of a gift.

The road that we walked down with Emily was filled with reflection and growth.  We explored the concepts of who we are as people, why we are here and what we can do with our lives to make a difference.  She was shy but confident in her beliefs.  We spoke about pushing ourselves beyond our limits and about the vulnerability that comes hand in hand with that.

Sitting over coffee that day left an impact on both Bobby and I.  We knew that we had met someone special and someone who would lead us down a path of constant reflection.  After a few months of emails and conceptualising which direction we would take Emily’s session, we were given our answer.  None of us knew that through these conversations, a gift was growing inside her.

Carefree and connected, their bond was strong.
Love between the two floated like the sea breeze around the air they created between them.

Before the session started,  Emily + Alan brought a gift with them for the two of us, each of which contained a beautiful hand written quote.
I’ve already shared one, but I wanted to share the final quote with you all, which I think is so important to remember, because too many of us live a life in fear of true happiness.

“Don’t be afraid to give yourself everything you’ve ever wanted in life.” –unknown

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