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“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Part 3 of 5 of my Portraits for Coffee was with Iman.  You can see an explanation to my journey as to why this project started here.

The one thing we all want to do in this lifetime, is to empower those around us, especially the ones we love.  Our presence is a gift to them, but most importantly, being present in our own lives is a gift to ourselves.  I first met Iman in a coffee shop in Rosebery as we sat discussing the details of her upcoming wedding to Daniel.  There sat a girl, quiet within her own skin but with a laughter that floated like silk against a melody of breezes. But the attribute that resonated the most was that she had a heart that pulsated with a kindly nature that was honest and wonderful.  If there is one thing that I keep uttering over this past year and half, it’s how blessed I feel to have the opportunity to meet the people that I do who possess a real presence of love within them. To consider many of those people as friends is something I very often have to pinch myself over.  Iman is my friend.  It feels wonderful to say those words.  I believe we allow people into our lives who we feel we are deserving of, but we have to come to the realisation of what our self worth is…and our self worth is great.  Sometimes, I like to sit back and see how the dynamics of friendship change and grow.  As I grow, day by day, year by year, I come to value elements of people that I never used to put much emphasis on before.
There is so much to learn from our voyage with others.  Being present with others has taught me so much about myself, which in turn allows me to appreciate the essence of those I am sharing a moment in time with.  Those moments are so precious and so fleeting.  I’m teaching myself the art of being present in the presence of others.  I’m embracing mindfulness, and She is embracing me.
I can see that Iman is going through a similar journey with herself.  Finding her identity, discovering what it is that really makes her jump with joy and want drives her heart to keep moving forward.  I have to also say that Iman is very much a creative too.  Get her vision on your feed if you have the time.  No, scratch that, make the time to place some of her beauties into your life.  She runs an interiors business called Havenist.

Thank you being an integral part of my Portraits for Coffee project, Iman.  And thank you for braving the mosquitoes with me x

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