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“Lovers alone wear sunlight.”  E.E. Cummings

Flash back to 5 months prior to the wedding day.  Bobby and I sat at a table across from Iman + Daniel at a cafe in Rosebery.  We exchanged a few stories, drank coffee that was sweet from its own presence and shared the most divine watermelon cake you could ever wish to taste.  But it wasn’t until the name of “that” show turned up, that the floods of friendship surged forwards. Game of Thrones has so much to answer for, and in cases like this, so much that I am grateful for.   Now I will admit that I have only ever watched the one episode, and that is all I will ever watch, but the way we all laughed over this new found common ground has been etched into my memory and cemented a friendship between the four of us.

Being a part of their ceremony, overlooking the ocean from Vaucluse, we felt pretty honoured.  A ceremony that was filled with such presence, life, love, tears and so much laughter.  We felt like we were riding the waves of happiness along side them every step of the way. This was such a mission of love, the way Daniel and his friends worked together to set up the ceremony location before Iman arrived and then moving everything again because the skies opened up with rain.  Even to the beautiful floral arrangements and flower crown that graced Iman was carefully put together by her mother.  With Iman’s eye for beautiful interior details, you wouldn’t have expected anything less.  I cannot tell you how many layers of care and love was infused into this day. I know finding perfection out there is futile as we are all perfect in our imperfect ways, but Iman + Daniel, these two are the sweetest peas in a pod that you could ever meet.

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Photographer Footwear by Rollie Nation

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  • Julianna Koh BlackwellMarch 27, 2015 - 6:33 pm

    Beautiful Iman! This post is filled with so many beautiful moments well captured, Fi & Bobby – well done! xoReplyCancel