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Meet Shameem + Shamim

“Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed.” -Mary Oliver

First thing is first: Yes, they both have the same name in sound.
Girl Shameem is a divine and elevated being we are proud to call our friend.
Boy Shamim is her incredibly open hearted and enchanting fiancé who we are now also proud to call our friend.

There is an art to the act of surprising a loved one.  Shamim is this artist.  He weaved and planned a surprise session with the soul he is binding his very own to.  We giggled through secret emails, whilst planning the location – and it wasn’t until the day before the session that Shameem SMS’d us with a message brimming with happiness.

These two beings met in Perth and endured several years of finely crafting their values and love together over the space between Sydney and Perth.  True love stands the test of time and the endurance of the heart.

Our hearts were calm, carefree and connected around these two, because they were the combination of these very same elements.

They pushed and put themselves out there with everything we asked…they laughed and they cried…and they were just themselves.  Thank you, for creating a very special place in our hearts.  We cannot look through these images without catching our breath.  Your love is beautiful and it’s out there, resonating with the universe and everyone within it.  You know you are in the presence of something special, when the two people whose story you are telling, know that the companionship of the other is a blessing.

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