Kate + Chris | Walsh Bay

Meet Kate + Chris

People will find where they belong during the course of this life at some point along the journey.  These two souls found their home within the bones of the other.  You know they are going to be holding hands until they are old and their hands ache, but still, they will be holding on to one another.  Every moment they embrace they lapse into a sphere of timelessness.  From a chance encounter at trivia one night to the answer that bound them together for a lifetime, these two hold a union that is unique and exquisite.  It takes a special person to see the magnificent in another.  These two see that in one another.  With the seed of their marriage resting in the heart of Central Park, they’ve watered and nurtured that seedling into the lake of adoration that exists beneath the skin of the other, like a surging ocean binding them together.

After all is said and done in this life, the only thing that ever really matters, is love.  The love between two people and the family they create.

Kate, Chris and little Emma, we cherished the joy of your day and the trust in your hearts to allow us to narrate the story of ‘you.’


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