Anna + Samir | Family Session


“The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience”  Frank Herbert

We had travelled to Los Angeles to spend time with Bobby’s mother and father.  As time sweeps by, it takes a hold of our bodies and has its way with our skin and bones in a way that makes us stare back at the person looking out at us in the mirror.  We become unrecognisable in our appearance, strangers to our own breath, guests within our own bodies but the smiles are always the same.  It’s the creases around the eyes, the way you resonate from within that which brings back that old familiarity.  As we cherished the moments we shared with our family in the US, we knew that they were fleeting moments to which we desperately wanted to place a hold on time, to stay within the tears of laughter that fell from our eyes as we sat in the dimly lit room playing cards.  Each time we threw down a card I knew that it represented another moment passing by to the past, and a step closer to us leaving.

This is what made us cherish our time with Anna, Samir and Liam the most.  Seeing them both on the cusp of a new adventure, forming new memories to last a lifetime was beautiful.  As we stepped into their home, we felt an embrace from the safety of love.  Misha, their ever companion, sat in the corner on all fours and watched our movements with cautious eyes.  Liam traced our faces with his eyes as we spoke and laughed with Anna and Samir.  It was the first time I was meeting these souls but immediately felt welcomed and warmed by them all.

As we walked around LACMA, I saw what kept these two bound to one another and what a joy Liam was in their lives.  Their journey is new, fresh and limitless.  I couldn’t help but see the contrast in their journey together as a family and that of the journey of Bobby’s family.  Two groups of people at different ends of the same voyage.  Both filled with love, unsurpassable love.
Spending time with Anna, Samir, Liam and Misha was the highlight of our trip.  When I think of our parents I am filled with a love that knows no bounds.  Knowing that Liam was developing this knowledge even as we spent time with them was something beautiful to witness.  There is a tenderness in the love from a parent that transcends the limitations of time.  Whether it’s the love a child receives from their parents, or an adult receives from their aging parents, that love is and will always be the same.
The mystery of life is here, within us, but we don’t know anything about it until we live it with open hearts.  Show people love.  Let your fingers be the authors of manifestation, bringing to life what you feel from beneath your skin.
Thank you to Anna + Samir for sharing a moment of their lives with us.  We were blessed to document a part of your history together with Liam and Misha.

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