The Vasli’s | Family Session


Meet the Vasli’s

If there is one thing that I hold near the center of life’s structure, it is the purity of family.  No matter how small nor large, we have all come from the institution of a family dynamic which has formed the core beliefs of who we are as people today.  The love that emanates from the joints of any family is one that is hopefully binding, not only through our own existence, but that of future generations.  We believe wholly and entirely that the bond within a family is essential to the foundations of a greater world unity.  Sama’s family is no different.  Her parents exude love and  they love with passion.  You don’t see anything within the limbs of this family that is short of compassion and patience.  Eli and Bruce talked to us about their desires for their children and how important the togetherness of their circle truly is.  A family is an institution where you create an environment of stability and support, where you grow and nurture everything that you are and everything that you want to become and send forth into the world.  We saw that within these two and we saw it in the union of their children to their loved ones.  One blessing that we are given, every single time we are invited to capture the bonds of a family, is that we are given an insight into why there is so much love residing within the world of these individuals and we walk away with little pearls of light which we hold close to our hearts and hope to release into the bonds of our own family, some day.

We’ve put together a little slideshow of our time together, along with featuring the images individually below.
Music: Feist – 1234


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