The Shamseili’s | Family Session

Meet the Shamseili Family

It was July 2012.  I remember how we watched the weather forecast with an eager and anxious curiosity, day in and day out.  The day arrived, the wind blew long and hard whilst the Sun burned harder.  We were about to embark on one of our first family sessions together.  We had met up with Azadeh a few weeks earlier, but meeting her father, mother, uncle and cousin was a territory we were about to newly step foot upon.  We were met with a warmth that could scare the coldest of winds away.  Her mother’s smile and father’s quiet calm were entirely captivating and immediately made us feel like we were in the presence of our own family.  As we walked around The Rocks, a place where her father spent every week, walking and investigating, we were offered a glimpse into the beauty and love that encapsulated this family.  It was almost as wonderful as basking in the glimpses of the Sun on that day.

Thank you, Azadeh, for introducing to us some people that are so precious to you and who we thought were nothing short of wonderful x

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