F + B Year One Anniversary | Portraits


We started talking on March 23, 2011 and by March 23, 2012 we had sewn our souls to one another in a ceremony that was beautifully authentic and true to us.
It seemed right that whilst we were in California in March 2013 that we should celebrate our 1 year anniversary back at Calamigos.  I have to say that it was surreal being back there.  Every corner of that ranch held deep meaning and vivid memories for us both.  If we closed our eyes, we could still see those same happy and smiling faces looking back at us.
As Bobby and I walked out to the old oak tree under which we wed, a wave of emotion overtook us both, which was nurturing at its core.  As rabbits hopped around chewing on grass in the warming sun’s light and bees buzzed away making their homes in the hives hanging from trees, we stopped and listened to the tranquil sounds of nature mulling past us as we stood still.

I remembered how he fooled me into not recognising that Dre was playing the chords to Purple Rain as we walked down the aisle, despite my strongest wishes to keep his love for Prince at a minimum on our day.
My sweet Bobby shed tears of love and happiness as he remembered tying his life to mine on that very day, 12 months past.
I love him.  I love him like the oceans, forever surging and forever wild.
They say that the first year is the hardest.
If I was to sit here and profess to you all that it’s been easy, I would be lying. This first year was a year of many firsts for us both, as well as cohabiting under the same roof together. We learned that communication is at the root of everything between us, and that without respect, there is nothing. We have elevated the other to stand on the shoulders of giants when others have tried to tear us down.  Each hurdle has only cemented our belief in one another, and made us stronger.  For every day, we fight the good fight to enable the other to reach their goal.
The first year hurdle might have passed and we might have soared through it, but we are still learning and my Binary Star still keeps me turning x

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