Anisa + Ryan | Family Session

Meet the Hatami Family

This is a little re-post, as the original was left on our old website, but mid last year Jesse graced the lives of Anisa, Ryan and Zane, and brought a greater happiness to all of those around him.
Since this shoot, we have seen Jesse grow so much and develop into the little orb of happiness that he is now.  Watching how Zane and Jesse are starting to interact with one another fills our hearts with so much love that it’s almost bursting from our skins.  We wonder how our children will be once we start to grow our family, and whether they will have the same bonds as Jesse and Zane have.  Memories and images help keep those special moments alive.  I think my favourite  memory of this day we spent together was that of Zane  running up to us all with a little gift of bark for all to keep, and place within our pockets to preserve.  That bark is taking root within our soul, deeper and further with each day that passes.


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