Shirin + Ryan | Family Session

Meet the Ludher + Mahmoudi’s


When Shirin sent through an email asking if we would spend a few hours with her family to document them all together, I knew this was going to be something special to them.  She comes from a family whose structure is so strong and loving, and as Bobby and I build upon the strength of our love for one another and the future family we will build, I know how special of a bond Shirin and her family have created.
To our readers that don’t know, Shirin in Persian translates to “sweet”.  And she is.  Delightfully so.  But not only that, life is sweet, if you really allow it to be. Yes, there is the daily grind of our every day work, the global situation, and so many other things, but when you strip all of this away and see what is at the core of your daily existence, it’s this life that you have created with one another.  From life, comes life.  The bonds between all of this is tender and special like no words can describe.

In just under two weeks time, Shirin and her husband Ryan, will be moving to Fiji with their three adorable children.  Not just moving away from Sydney, but moving away from a family that they adore and cherish.  Our lives have great journeys.  Our lives have magical stories. Even though the light of Sydney will be a little dimmer with them gone, I know that the path ahead of them all will be laced with adventure and happiness.

Here are a few frames from our day with Shirin and Ryan and their three children, but the greatest part about it all was that we weren’t just spending it with them, we were also spending it with Shirin’s parents, her brother Korosh and wife Mandy, and Ryan’s sister Annalisa, her husband Andre and their two children.  Life is indeed sweet, and thank you for giving us the chance to nestle between the bonds of such a beautiful family!

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