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Meet KristyLee + Pete

It happened as Summer was approaching, the gentle warm evening breezes and the effervescent hum of the traffic streaming by.  We sat at tables with new friends and food rich in flavour as the announcement was made from one friend to others.  Love was in the air and her eyes were dancing with a happiness that can only be experienced by immersing yourself in the ocean of that emotion.  We sat, smiled, laughed and reminisced in our own experience of the love that she felt. This was how we first met KristyLee.

This is not just about KristyLee + Pete though.  This is also a story about a friend so close to KristyLee, that she wanted to give her a gift that isn’t just for the now, but for the future.  She wanted KristyLee to have something she can show her children, even her grandchildren, to show them that this is how we loved, this is how we cared…this was us.

As we waited at Palm Beach, Bobby and I sat hand in hand and remembered how we were at the very same spot just over a year earlier, bearing our souls and talking about he loved me, and how I loved him, and that our lives were embarking on a path together which was entwining our breaths into one.  It seemed so poignant that KristyLee + Pete had shared a similar beginning to their journey at the very same spot.  These two have a love that is written all over their skin.  They met through a passion for the outdoors and sports, and that passion seems to grow with intensity as their love strengthens.  I could begin to tell you about how rivers run deep with these two and how the their love has been a bridge to new a world for them both.  I am constantly reminded about how we cannot take people for how they seem on the surface.  We hold up these images of ourselves, and how how we want others to see us, but when that is stripped away, I see how so many of us hold close to our hearts a deep desire to love and romance that one person we have chosen to share this life with, and that’s one of the most special things to witness.

But, I’m not going to tell you how KristyLee + Pete are the beginnings to their endings, I’m going to let them tell you themselves x

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